FIRSTINFO Auto Body/Car Body Metal Sheet Plate Butt Joint Welding Soldering Clamp


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  • 💎Higher Metal Quality Construction — Total: 4 pieces in 1 set. This butt welding clamps ensure work pieces to make precision butt welds and edge-to-edge welding. Simple and easy way to install or remove.

  • 💎Allows Full Penetration of the Welding –Holds panels edge to edge with almost no gap which allows full penetration of the welding tasks.

  • 💎Simple and Efficient for a Perfect Welded Butt Joint–Patented level adjustment allows accurate joining of dissimilar thickness of materials. Ideal for straight or curved panels.

  • 💎Allows Flat Alignment –Level adjustment allows flat alignment of top or bottom surface of panels.

  • 💎0-0.11 Inch (0-3mm)Range for Adjustment– Level adjusts between 0 and 0.11 Inch (3mm) either side.