FENGLANG Automotive Emergency Portable Battery Smart Jumper Starter Booster Clamp Cables, Replacement Booster Battery Aliigator Clips to EC5 Connector for 12V Portable Car Jump Starter


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  • Replacement jump box cables, fits most brands of mini portable jump boxes, car jump portable starters and mobile chargers.

  • Support up to: 20000mAh Power bank at 600Amp Current. (<3 seconds)

  • Strong Alligator Clamp Clip with EC5 Plug Connector. Input/output: 12V. Wire guage:1015 10AW

  • Use of car jump starter: 1)- connect the red battery clamp of jumper cable to the vehicle’s positive (+) battery and connect the black to the negative (-) pole; 2)- Plug the cord of jumper cable into the jumper starter’s socket; 3) – and start the vehicle.

  • PAY ATTENTION PLEASE. When using this item, please be careful when using, this item can NOT be overload, check your device power before using please. Note: Please check your power bank if it can support your car.