EWK Bosch Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Timing Indicator Tool for VW Nissan Ford Fiat Alfa Romeo


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  • Easy to check and adjust Bosch injection pump timing – The fuel pump tools help easily set injector timing to balance power and emissions.

  • Precisely sets the pump at TDC with a dial indicator – The guage measures timing accurately, making it easy to adjust to the correct timing range.

  • Dual gauge indicator with accuracy to .01mm – The indicator with an 8mm shank fit into most holders for precise timing.

  • Wide application of Bosch diesel injection systems – Suitable for Bosch diesel injection systems on VW, Audi engines which can also be found in diesels used in industrial applications such as farm, light industrial, etc.

  • Complete tool kit for recorrecting timing position – With one single set, you can time your injection pump as well as your engine.