Esright Brass Water Pressure Regulator 3/4 Lead-Free with Gauge for RV Camper Adjustable Water Pressure Regulator,Build-in Oil (NH Threads)


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  • ­čÜ░Durable lead free brass, under the NSF lead-free requirements of 0.2%. Double-layer inlet screened filter design will filter the particles like gravel, debris to prevent impurity blocking and valve body damage.

  • ­čÜ░Compatible with U.S. 3/4″ water sources(ND20) & NH threads. The build-in oil damps sudden pressure changes which may damage the gauge.

  • ­čÜ░Adjustable up to 160 PSI (Maximum tolerable water pressure :240 psi) and easy to adjust, just adjust the brass screw (at the top on the regulator) to change the pressure – or + . Arrives with our easy installation guide.

  • ­čÜ░Our water pressure regulator can reduce original water pressure and make it stable to use.

  • ­čÜ░Easy clean valve spool, removable valve spool for easily cleaning or replacement when needed by removing it.