Dumble Heavy Duty Jumper Cable and Quick Connect Heavy Duty Jumper Cables 1 Gauge Jumper Cables for Cars Trucks 30ft


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  • BE PREPARED: Keep the Dumble | Quick Connect Jumper Cable 800 Amp Jumper Cables Long Jumper Cables 30 ft Jumping Cable for Cars in your trunk or car emergency kit so you can safely boost jump your vehicle whenever need; Car jump start cable has 800 Amps peak engine starting current at 12V DC end and 100 Amps at 110V AC service end (175A-600V for disconnect use only – not for interrupting current)

  • FITS YOUR VEHICLE: 1 gauge thick professional grade copper wire to handle more amps and lose less when jumping; 800 amp clamps; 30-foot (9.1m) long cables for car or even tow truck; 4-inch x 5.75-inch (10.2cm x 14.6cm) overall clamp size with 0.25-inch to 1.7-inch (0.6-4.3cm) jaw opening to access tight spots and clamp to top and side post batteries on your vehicle (works for electronic ignitions and other vehicles as long as polarity is correctly observed and battery terminals are accessible)

  • PERMANENT INSTALLATION: Battery booster cable has 4 color-coded clamps to prevent crossing wires – 2 red positive (+) and 2 black negative (-); Connect 5.75-foot (1.8m) long permanent eyelet ring terminal ends to functioning battery and 24.25-foot (7.4m) long alligator clamp ends to battery that needs to be jumped (both are connected to 5.25” x 2.2” x 1” inch (13.3cm x 5.6cm x 2.5cm) quick connect/disconnect coupler; Comes with attached plug cover protective cap for when not plugged in

  • BUILT FOR ANY WEATHER: 1-gauge twin cable line constructed with serrated copper jaws on high-tension parrot clamps for optimal contact; Powder-coated handles on metal clamps; Oil, chemical, and water-resistant red and black PVC jacket that keeps the cables tangle-free and flexible in all weather conditions even at -40-degrees Fahrenheit (-40°C)

  • EASY STORAGE: Car jump starter cable package includes a 14.2-inch diameter x 2.6-inch wide (36.1cm x 6.6cm) round zippered carrying bag with built-in nylon handles for easy transportation, safe storage in the cab of your vehicle, and quick organization for the car battery cable and connectors