Door Edge Guard/Protected Lining/Trim Molding fits most cars,Car Door Edge Guards Trim Rubber Seal Protector Guard Strip Car Protection Door Edge fits most cars(16Ft Clean,No Glue Required)


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  • Features:Door edge guards from can be easily applied to any edge, will protect your vehicle from nicks, chips & scratches, for most universal car.

  • MATERIAL:Flexible and durable high quality material. In the metal edge of the car body between the car door and car body. In the external edge of the car door and more. The adhesive tape is designed to paste on the inside door edge, therefore it will not leave any residue on the outs.

  • Installation Instructions:Full size U shape 16 ft channel designed to fit easily over any door edge. Super easy to cut with scissors? Install this door edge guards in 20 minutes or less to a car or truck.

  • Advantage:Protect the value of your car,Years or durability, the edge molding is UV protected for longer life. Won’t fade, peel, fall off, or harm your paint finish.

  • NOTE:the door guard will prevent paint chipping if you door hits another car or wall. Or you can hide existing paint chips(we provide free delivery, if the case of damage or other reasons, please E-mail contact us, we will respond within 12 hours can do for you and arrange. Thank you very much for your order!)