Detool Fuel Pressure Gauge Injection Pump TU-113 New Upgraded Version Gas Gasoline Tester Kit Car Tools for Cars & Truck(0-100PSI)


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  • *The Universal Application: Detool TU-113-PLUS fuel pressure gauge fits most vehicles world wide.(Include Ford cars, Except for CIS-Jetronic, Bosch and GM throttle body systems)

  • Good Sealability with Detool gauge, provide wtih accrate readings(0-100PSI), Detool Fuel Injection Pump can quickly test the fuel pump pressure on injector systems.

  • Detool Fuel pressure tester can quickly indicate if fuel pump is defective or inconsistent in pressure flow and set to your motor / car, get accurate readings in valves, piston rings, cylinder bores or head gaskets

  • Made of high quality material (Brass, Steel, Rubber, Plastic), rugged and long-lasting.

  • Detailed connection diagram is in the package, Pls follow the instructions, it will be easy to install and get the pressure readout. The adapters are NOT FOR BMW e53, 2000 Ford Taurus and 1997 Ford Ranger, which has a special size of its schrader valve(the same size as a tire schrader)