Detail King Super Blue – Tire Dressing & Tire Shine – 1 Gallon


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  • Silicone protects your tires from dangers faced on the road. The Super Blue Tire Dressing & Tire Shine contains silicone that bonds to rubber and creates a protective shield that fights against inevitable road spray that splashes your tires. Your tires will brush off water and mud.

  • Achieve a superior shine. Restore the rich, black color to your tires. Tires easily lose their luster and can quickly fade to a grayish pigment. This formula is designed to ensure your rubber stays lustrous and bold.

  • Your shine will outlast other products. Contains solvents, which stay on tires longer than water-based formulas. Get a shining agent that outworks the competition.

  • Choose a product that lasts multiple applications. Can be applied by hand, but it works especially well with our Tire Dressing Applicator Tank. This machine uses roughly 80% less product than a hand sprayer, making sure you get the most out of your product.

  • Very user-friendly. VOC compliant, environmentally friendly, non-flammable, and detergent resistant. It produces a refreshing watermelon scent that eases the cleaning process.