Dayincar Qty(2) 4672 Extended Length 10 Inches Compressed Length 6.75 Inches Froce 51 Lbs Universal Lift Supports Struts Shocks Dampers Springs Props


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  • Extended Length [In]: 10.00; Compressed Length [In]: 6.75

  • Force (lbs) 51.00, ext.ser.num 227N

  • Blade|Eyelet Mount.Eyelet ends 10.2mm

  • Interchange Part Number: 4672,8196142,1713EO,1007945,1007945,1713,10079,1007943,1007850,1007850,1713EO,18915,FRS40,FSR40,SL1-50,ML1-50,SL- 150,ML-1-50,SL-1-50,SL1-50-1,SL-1501,SL-1-50-1,SL1-50-5,SL-1505,SL-1-50-5,SL150,SL1501,SL1505,ML150,RB8795791,95791

  • Easy to install in just minutes – no special tools required. And please check the below description and compatibility chart before your purchasing.