D Ring Shackles with Isolators & Washers – 3/4 Inch Clevis Shackle Set – 7/8" Pin – 48,100 lb – Black – Best Heavy Duty D Ring Shackle Recovery Kit for Trucks, Cars, Jeep, Off Road, Winch, ATV


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  • STRONG. STURDY. RELIABLE – Over 20 tons… that’s how much force these D Ring Shackles can handle.

  • REMOVABLE ISOLATORS & WASHERS – keeps your shackles from beating up your bumper and rattling down the road.

  • GLOSS BLACK ANTI-RUST FINISH – Each steel tow shackle is finished with an anti-rust coating and gloss black paint.

  • TRUE STRENGTH GUARANTEE – We don’t engage in misleading, dangerous marketing practices, when we say 41,800 lb we mean it.

  • FULL LIFETIME WARRANTY – Buy with confidence, if you have any issues with your d ring shackles we will get you taken care of.