Crescent 170 Pc. General Purpose Tool Set – CTK170MPN


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  • Contains a carefully selected assortment of hand tools needed for most industrial, mechanical, and consumer applications

  • Updated version of the best-selling CTK170CMP2, this set has a new & sturdier blow mold case with steel hinges & 4 latches to keep your tools organized and secure

  • Upgraded kit includes longer wrenches with narrower heads, Crescent brand wrench and Pliers, Torx bit sockets, acetate screwdrivers & a new ratchet design with 10% longer beam & smaller teardrop head

  • Set includes 1/4″, 3/8″ & 1/2″ drive tools (SAE & metric) allowing the user to tackle a wide range of projects

  • Please note that this kit comes with channel lock style pliers, rather than the 8” linesman’s pliers described below