Car Safety Hammer Escape Hammer Large Handle Emergency Escape Tool Breaking Door Glass Window Cutting Stuck Seat Belts for Family Rescue & Auto Emergency Escape Tools 9.1 Inches


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  • 3-in-1: Heavy-duty pointy head shatters side window easily. Shielded sharp blade cuts seat belt with well-designed opening. Flat head is to clear jagged edges.

  • Double solid cone head car glass breaker hammer is designed to break auto glass windows, so you can easily make a way to escape. The Razor-sharp blade is made of high quality steel that can cut seat belt quite easily.

  • The seat belt cutter is mounted in a safe curved hook. The high-quality razor-sharp steel blade effectively slices through seatbelts to free you and your passengers.

  • Great gift for anyone you care for! You never know when you might need to break a window to save yourself, a dog locking in a hot car, or a forgotten child.

  • An invaluable addition to your vehicle safety kit, the emergency hammer breaks side window glass with minimal effort, thanks to its solid steel double-sided strike point.