BIRDROCK HOME 6 PCS Car Wash and Cleaning Kit – Microfiber Cleaner – Auto Care – Exterior and Interior Cleaning – Tire Wheel Brush – Sponge – Duster – Extendable Cleaning Tool – Detailing Set


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  • 6 PCS CAR CLEANING KIT: includes the tools you need to keep your car’s exterior and interior in top-notch condition. The kit includes four tools for cleaning the exterior of the car and includes two tools for the interior.

  • EXTERIOR TOOLS: Microfiber and Mesh Car Sponge, Wheel Brush, Tire and Wheel Cleaning Tool, and the Dip and Wash Cleaning Pole. The microfiber car sponge maximizes water absorption, so you get more water with every dip. The back of the sponge features a durable mesh for getting tough grime, dirt, and bug guts. The dip and wash cleaning pole extend to 44 inches allowing the microfiber chenille head to reach the center of your car’s hood, windshield or top.

  • INTERIOR TOOLS: Reach and Grab Tool and the Interior Detail Brush and Duster. Reach and Grab Tool makes it easy to keep your car dirt and dust-free. The flexibility of the tool gives you the reach to clean the awkward spaces in your car. Use the Reach and Grab Tool to clean from the steering wheel to the windshield. Interior Detail Brush and Duster is the perfect tool to dust your cars interior quickly. The soft and tiny bristles allow you to clean the dust and dirt that forms in your AC vents

  • QUICK & EASY: every aspect of each tool has been maximized for cleaning your car quickly and effectively. The rubber grips give you comfort and control. The tough mesh material can quickly and easily scrub away dirt, grime, and bugs. The soft microfiber chenille absorbs more water allowing it to wash away all the dirt, grime, and bugs quicker. The reach and grab cleaning pole enables you to clean the hood, windshield, and car-top all from one side saving you time

  • DURABLE CAR CLEANING TOOLS: each tool is constructed with high-quality materials to ensure they are helping you clean your car for years to come. The tools feature super absorbent microfiber chenille that enables you to clean more effectively. The reach and grab cleaning pole is made of lightweight aluminum, so you can easily lift the pole to clean. The wheel brush features thick and durable bristles so you can wipe away dirt and grime quickly