BBKANG Paintless Dent Removal Repair Tools kit – 41Pcs Car Dent Puller Kit Golden Dent Lifter Easy to Use for Small Dent Hail Damage Door Ding Remover


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  • ?️ Easy Manipulate —- Firstly: place the tab which full with glue in the dent. Secondly: use the dent lifter to pull the dent out. Thirdly: remove glue by alcohol and plastic shovel. Support one-handed operation, suitable for repairing small dents(Tip: Not suitable for creases or corners dent).

  • ?️ Paint Friendly —- Soft rubber in dent lifter’s holder bottom can prevent car paint being scratched. Glue can be removed easily by alcohol and won’t hurt the original paint.

  • ?️ Professional Glue —- Eco-friendly glue sticks especially designed for car dent repair and the viscosity of them is strong enough to pull out the dent. 80% of auto body shops use our glue for paintless dent repair.

  • ?️ Widely Used —- Perfect for car dent, door ding, and hail damage dent. Also, works well for repairing refrigerators, washing machines surface dents. 24pcs pulling tabs made by PA materials, dent puller made by high carbon stainless steels, durable enough.

  • ?️ Easy Clean —- Spray some alcohol to the tab and glue, wait for 10mins till the alcohol penetrates into the glue, it will be removed easily with the plastic shovel. We can’t send the alcohol to you due to logistics restrictions. You will get 95% or 99% rubbing alcohol easily at any local pharmacy, it’s cheap but efficient.