AUTOOL SDT206 Automotive Fuel leakage Diagnostic Tester 2 MODES Car Conduit PIPE System Leakage Tester Car Fuel Leak Detector For 12V Vehicle Boat With Adjustable FlowMeter EVAP Leak Testers Detectors


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  • 🌹 This machine have 2 modes( AIR Mode and SMOKE mode) detect the leakage of pipe systems on cars, motorcycles, boats…such as fuel pipe, air intake system and cooling tank.

  • 🌹The machine will change special oil into smoke, then blow smoke into sealed pipe system. you will find leak point in pipe via the smoke.

  • 🌹This upgraded machine now can work on EVAP system (pressure of machine was larger than EVAP request )

  • 🌹Inbuilt air compressor,Instant smoke generation. Self-protective system will keep machine away from overload. Combine with adjustable flowmeter and pressure guage,we can adjust output of smoke ,then check leakage level via smoke flow variety

  • 🌹This machine can show Flow Gauge and Liquidometer Gauge.Input :12V DC ; Smoke output value: 6L/min,