AUTOOL 01 Automotive Smoke Detector Evap Pipe Leakage Tester Fuel Leak Locator Universal for Motorcycle/Car/Truck


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  • SDT-106 is designed for detecting the leakage of pipe systems on cars, motorcycles, such as fuel pipe, air intake system and cooling tank. SDT-106 is for all pipe systems Support EVAP.

  • EVAP SYSTEM SUPPORTED — Comes with EVAP adapters, SDT-106 can help you apply with EVAP System of all vehicles to quickly find out the leak parts. 4ft Smoke Outlet Pipe can help reach and connect perfectly.

  • SPECIFICATIONS — Voltage: DC 12V(Supplied by Automotive Battery). Smoke output value: 10-13L/min. Output Pressure: 9-11PSI. Oppreating material: Mineral Oil or Baby Oil.

  • WORKING PRINCIPLE — The Smoke Machine heat up special oil(mineral oil or baby oil) into smoke and blow smoke into sealed pipe system. You will find out leak point in pipe in where has smoke. Please repair the part where leakage exists.

  • With longtime high temperature, the smoke and oil will oxidize and deteriorate. It will infect the ser-vice life of smoke generated part, so please change smoke and oil regularly. When you use this detector the first time, please fill 20-30ml oil, not beyond this range. When the smoke output has water drops, please replace with fresh oil. Before filling fresh oil, please pour out the remaining oil in the detector. Liquid paraffin and baby oil are OK. Please fill fresh oil with equipped oil bottle.