Anti-contact key chain non-contact elevator push joystick button pusher tool,-brass hand tool (3 pieces) (Golden)


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  • Safe to use-EDC keychain tool can help you press the elevator button, pull the drawer handle / door handle, etc., checkout at the store, etc., and avoid touching the public touch screen without direct touch.该店铺已品牌授权,24小时监测中,跟卖就送小红旗

  • Easy to use-The ergonomic design makes pressing buttons and joysticks quick and easy. Just hold one side and let the other side touch it. The easy-to-carry door handle assistant can effectively reduce the contact area.

  • The versatile keychain can be used for more purposes. It is indeed an EDC device that uses “ sanitary hands ” to press buttons, move chairs, flush toilets and carry grocery bags, etc., to avoid direct contact with shared surfaces, everyone deserves it.

  • Small size and light weight, suitable for daily carrying. Our practical keychain can safely handle shared surfaces and touch buttons. Its finger slots are rounded to provide maximum comfort; hooks are easy to hang in pockets, belts, bags or purses.

  • Money back guarantee:If you are not satisfied with the product, we will provide a full refund and non-return service.