ALLY Tools Professional Large and Small 13 Wire Oxy-Acetylene Tip Cleaner Set for Cleaning Welding Cutting Nozzles/Tips, Gas Orifices, Engine Carburetors, Sprinklers, and Shower Heads


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  • [THE PERFECT COMBO]: Kit includes one 130mm (5”) and one 75mm (3”) Tip Cleaner. Each Welding Tip Cleaner includes 13 Wire Files (49 to 77) at different lengths (4-1/3” or 2-1/3”). Includes a flat file.

  • [MADE FOR WELDING]: Perfect as a Welding Torch Tip Cleaner for Cleaning Gas Orifices and cleaning Engine Carburetors

  • [QUALITY]: Wires are Made from Quality Stainless Steel and Enclosed in a Sturdy Aluminum Casing.

  • [GUARANTEE]: In the rare occasion you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, ALLY Tools and Parts will refund or replace your order through our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

  • [CLEANS DEBRIS]: Great Nozzle Cleaner and Removes Debris from Tips and Small Holes. Perfect for clogged natural gas/propane jets and engine carburetors.