Allstart 556 Marine Jump Starter with AC Inverter, Multi-Position Light, 4 Gauge Cables, Cable Clamps, Battery Status Indicator. Automotive Accessories


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  • Special Features: jump starter kit is drop-tested, ensuring long-life of the device. The case of this auto jump starter is resistant to chemicals, heat and cold, making it durable. This device can start over 35 vehicles on a single charged cycle

  • Battery Indication: jump starter battery pack features a battery status indicator that automatically shuts off the charging process, once the battery is fully charged

  • Automobile Essentials: this jump starter is easy to store in the garage. Just stack it under the car seat or the rear storage space of the automobile. Compact and lightweight, it is portable and offers back, side or front hook-up jumpstarting

  • Usage Recommendations: make sure that you straighten the battery starter cables before using them. This is easy since the smart design does not allow tangling. Always clamp properly to avoid poor performance or problems like sparking

  • Product Specifications: Marine Jump Starter comes with 550A insulated copper clamps, high-tension springs, four 48 in. gauge cables and 300 W power inverter for cell phone or laptop charging. Offers cold cranking 300A and peak 1700A of starting power