All American Car Care Products Armor – Water-Based Silicone Dressing That Protects and Restores Leather, Tires, Vinyl, Plastic, Rubber, and More (1 Gallon)


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  • SOLVENT FREE: Restores & Protects Faded Body Moldings, Vinyl, Leathers, Plastic, Rubber, and More

  • RESTORES: Provides a Satin Finish to Restore Application to its’ Natural, Original Factory Look

  • PROTECTS: UV Protection Penetrates Deep Into Surfaces and Protects against Harmful UV Rays

  • NON GREASY: Repels water, dirt, dust, and Not Greasy or Oily for Interior, and No Sling on Tires.

  • DIRECTIONS: Apply or Spray to a Cool & Clean Surface with a Clean Sponge or Cloth