AirXwills Tire Inflator Air Compressor Pump with Digital Gauge 120 Psi Portable Cordless Pump with Rechargeable Battery Auto-Stop for Inflatables


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  • Multi-Function: AirXwills cordless pump is ideal for inflating tires & gauging pressure, you also can connect Inflator to tires at any time to gauge the tire pressure. (For cars/ motorcycles/bicycles/lifebuoys/boats and other inflatables)

  • Presetting & Automatic-Stop: Press the “SET” button, when the led light is on, it means the device is activated. Press the “SET” button again to set the unit (PSI, BAR, kPa, KG / CM2) Preset the value you want by + or -, make it works, the air compressor will automatically Shut off when the pressure is reached, you just need to wait for minutes. (Not shut off immediately at reached pressure, the pump will work some time for stabilizing tire)

  • Cigarette Lighter Socket & Rechargeable Battery: Support 12V-DC cigarette lighter socket working and AC 110V battery charging–attach the battery to the wall socket via USB adapter. Press and hold the + and – at the same time to check the battery voltage. The full power status is 12. 6V. (This inflator includes 12V car power adapter and Lithium-ion battery)

  • Powerful Inflatable and Led Light Design: AirXwills 2019 New Electric-Supercharger Design, faster inflation and fill the 235/55R19 tire to max psi in less than 5 minutes(bigger truck is not available). The bright Led light illuminates dark working space.

  • Cordless and Portable: The cordless air compressor pump is small size, can be used anywhere without external power supply. Great for driving, traveling or use at home, office, car, etc.