Adam’s Odor Neutralizer – Specially Formulated Air Freshener That Eliminates Harmful Odors from Car Interior Accessories, Leather Seats, Carpet Upholstery, Pet Odors (Fresh Scent)


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  • ✅ A PREMIUM AIR FRESHENER – Stubborn odors always seem to build up inside your car interior that make your driving experience less enjoyable, especially when it involves others. In some cases, your passengers may be a pet – dog or cat, a baby, uber or lyft passengers, and even your entire family. To neutralize unpleasant odors, Adam’s has brought Odor Neutralizer to the market!

  • ✅ REFRESHING SCENTS THAT YOU”LL LOVE! – Adam’s Odor Eliminators comes in four great scents – Fresh Scent, Pineapple Orchid, Apple Cinnamon & Clean Cotton. For deep cleaning jobs, pair our odor neutralizer with the Adam’s Leather Interior Cleaner, Interior Detailer, Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner, Odor Bomb & Activated Charcoal Odor Absorbing Bag!

  • ✅ MAKE YOUR CARPETS, CAR ACCESSORIES & LEATHER SEATS SMELL FRESH – To use: vacuum any debris, remove stains that may be imparting foul smells into the automobile interior. Shake well, lightly mist around carpets, cloth upholstery, under seats and into your HVAC system to enjoy a pleasant scent. Make our Odor Neutralizer an essential car accessory by storing it in your car!

  • ✅ THE MOST EFFECTIVE ODOR ENCAPSULATE ON THE MARKET – At Adam’s we believe in transparency with our products. This product simply encapsulates odors, so don’t expect it to work like Adam’s Odor Bomb and remove the smell of cigarette smoke from your car but it will work like a diffuser or oil infused air freshener. It is long lasting but don’t expect it last several weeks either.

  • ✅ 110% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! We pride ourselves on customer service and satisfaction. The team at Adam’s made these naturally derived concentrated fragrances to emulate some of the most pleasing scents without being bad for YOU or the ENVIRONMENT. We believe that this is THE BEST Car Odor Neutralizer Spray on the market! If you don’t agree, we’ll do everything we can to make it right.