Adam’s Elite 6 Pack – Our Top Selling Car Detailing Products Bundled Together – Clean, Shine & Protect Your Interior, Wheels, Tires & Paint (Elite)


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  • ✅ DETAIL SPRAY – MADE WITH SHINE IN MIND! – Using state of the art technology that is guaranteed to outshine the competition. Detail Spray has been the industry leader providing high gloss, deep shine, and extending the life of your car wax and paint sealants significantly! You can expect a streak free finish that is safe on all surfaces including your plastic, windows, paint, wheels and even tires.

  • ✅ ULTRA FOAM CAR SHAMPOO SOAP – ELIMINATES DIRT, GRIME, AND ENVIRONMENTAL CONTAMINANTS! – Thick, luxurious suds, and a pH balanced formula to give your vehicle a thorough car wash without stripping any existing car waxes or sealants. It is even safe on all surfaces including paint, rubber, vinyl glass and plastics. This new car wash soap formulation creates a slick feel, lubricating all your paints surfaces as it lifts dirt away and reduces the chance of ever inducing damage to your clear coat!

  • ✅ WHEEL CLEANER, TIRE SHINE & TIRE & RUBBER CLEANER -This kit includes all the chemicals needed to clean and dress your wheels and tires from start to finish. Achieve A Lustrous Dark Shine With Adam’s Tire Shine. Clean Tires And Fenders With Adam’s Tire Cleaner. Spray Adam’s Wheel Cleaner and watch as the brake dust bleeds bright purple and falls off!

  • ✅ CLEAN, DRESS & PROTECT YOUR INTERIOR – Adam’s Interior Detailer is your one step solution for a clean, dressed, and factory looking interior. With Special UV blocking agents, odor neutralizers, and anti-static additives this all-in-one cleaner and dressing is the ultimate solution for moderate to light cleaning on all your interior surfaces including dash, door panels, leather, vinyl, plastic, and similar surfaces.

  • ✅ 110% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We pride ourselves on our customer service and satisfaction. On top of that, all chemicals are manufactured in America and we only make products that work with the HIGHEST QUALITY ingredients! For that reason, we are one of the most respected brands in the automotive car care industry. If you don’t agree, we’ll do everything we can to make it right!