86Pcs Dent Puller Kit Car Body Dent Spot Repair Device Welder Stud Weld Welding Kit Hammer Gun for Truck SUV


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  • Package included: 1 x Dent Pulling Slide Hammer, 1 x Spot Welding Gun, 3 x Spot Welding Gun Switches, 1 x Dent Pulling Claw

  • Package including: 1 x Dent Pulling Hook, 1 x Washer Holder, 1 x Spot Welding Tip Double Sided, 1 x Graphite Rods Holder, 10 x Wiggle wires

  • Package including: 50 x Straight Pulling Pads, 10 x Star Pulling Pads, 1 x Triangles Holder, 5 x Graphite Rods

  • Attention: This kits should be used with car body dent spot repair device welder

  • This product must be used with a professional weld repair device.