80W Iron Plastic Welding Kit TPO TEO PP Rod Mesh Auto Car Boat Bumper Repair Kit


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  • ●Heats up quickly to a maximum temperature of 525 degrees F. ●Great for repair problems like TPO, TEO and PP materials used in car bumpers.

  • ●Input power: 120V AC, 60 Hz ●Plug type: two-prong polarized plug. ●2 extra replacement tips included (3 tips total).

  • ●Owners manual/safety instructions included. ●For quick & easy plastic repair.

  • ●Includes: ●1 Pc – 10-3/4″ Multipurpose Soldering Iron with 57″ long wire. ●3 Pc – Replacement Tips ●1 Pc – Reinforcing Steel Wire Mesh

  • ●3 Pc – Mini Wire Brush w/ Tip ●Plastic Brush (dash boards upholstery) ●Brass Brush (cleaning solder points) ●Stainless Steel Brush (removes rust)