7pcs Triangular/Round Speed Welding Nozzle with Tacking Nozzle Push Fit 5mm Standard Weld Tip for PVC Vinyl Flooring Plastic Hot Air Welder,Weld Nozzles for Fabrication and Car Bumpers Repairing


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  • Professional hot air welding nozzles made from precision engineered stainless steel

  • Triangular / round speed welding nozzle and tacking nozzle push-fit 5mm standard tubular nozzle (diameter: 32mm)

  • Non-stick welding rods,high quality welding tip is designed for use with TRIAC hot air gun and other popular heat gun

  • Effective way to avoid the hot air gap between the outlet steel pipe to drain from the air nozzle with hand plastic welder

  • 7pcs weld nozzles includes: 1x 5mm standard tubular nozzle, 1x 5mm 60 degree angled tubular nozzle, 1x 7mm triangular speed weld nozzle, 1x 5.7mm triangular speed weld nozzle, 1x 4mm round speed weld nozzle, 1x 5mm round speed weld nozzle, 1x tacking nozzle