12V 5A Smart Car Battery Charger, Automatic Portable Battery Maintainer and Trickle Charger Fast Charging for Motorcycle Truck Marine Boat Lawn Mower SUV ATV RV SLA AGM GEL WET Lead Acid Battery


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  • 【Fast 5A Charging】Automotive battery charger for Pb/SLA/GEL/AGM/VRLA/sealed lead-acid batteries and WET/FLOODED for maintaince, including car, motorcycle, automobile, riding lawn mowers, lawn tractor, ATV, RV, watercraft, powersport, scooter, snowmobiles, camper, trolling motor, boats, electric vehicle, electric tools, ride-on toys battery charger.

  • 【72-hours Safety Charging Process】12V Battery maintainer operated with 7 stages automatic charging process, 25%/50%/75%/100% to indicate quantity of electricity and monitor the whole charging progress. Battery trickle charger stop automatically when the battery is fully charged. 72 hours safety charging process to avoid overcharge and discharge.

  • 【4 LED Indicators & 2 DC Connectors】Automatic 12 volts 5a battery charger with visual state-of-charge feedback and diagnostic information, even in maintenance mode. LED indicator designed to display different charging status of the 12v smart charger. You can choose battery clamps which suit your equipment with SAE adapters and differences in various batches, easy to use.

  • 【Fully Automatic Float Charging Mode】Float battery charger, charging for deep cycle battery functionality switches to float mode after fully charging the battery by MCU controlled; Battery trickle charger just plug and allow it to trickle charge to lead-acid batteries automatically, float charge mode helps extend battery life.

  • 【Safe Guarantee】Reverse polarity Protection, Over-current Protection, Over-voltage Protection, Over-charge Protection, Damp protection, Short Circuit protection, Electrical Protection. Automatic, high efficiency and high reliability.